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American National Political Party
Creating the America We All Envision, Politically

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Political Party & Agenda, Bronx, New York USA

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The American National Political Party is a political party based in Bronx, New York. Established in 2008, our party is seeking your political donations to promote our party and our political agenda.

Helping the People

Being more closely aligned with the Democrats than the Republicans in our beliefs of the political system in America, the goal of our party is to help people. The American National Political Party wants to help put someone in the White House who is honest and will be able to accomplish what Obama has been trying to do.

Our Political Agenda and Beliefs

President Obama is using our party's strategies that include medical care for everyone and free education from grade school to post-graduate education. We believe illegal immigrants who have resided in our country for at least five years should receive a permit to work here. Our party also believes the American economy must be reformed. Additionally, our party believes there needs to be an increase in our county's minimum wage.

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